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Slick Cleaner

Slick Cleaner

What is Slick Cleaner?
Slick Cleaner is a specially formulated degreaser designed to penetrate and lift the toughest dirt, oil, grease and grime.  This multi purpose, biodegradable spot cleaner can be used on a variety of surfaces including plastic, rubber, painted surfaces, and more. Easily rinses away without leaving a sticky residue.

Why Should we use it?
Slick Cleaner is there for you when you've got tough grime. Simply attack the area with a few direct shots and allow product to work its magic. From exhaust splatter and dirty engines, to oily chains and greasy tools, Slick Cleaner will get the job done right. For maintenance cleaning, Slick Cleaner goes hand in hand with our Slick Wash for the ultimate clean against tough grime and residue.

• Biodegradable
• Removes Dirt, Oil, Grease and Grime
• Safe on plastic, rubber, painted surfaces and more
• Rinses away without leaving a sticky residue

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