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Slick Shine

Slick Shine

What is Slick Shine?
Slick Shine is a specially designed formula for use on plastic, vinyl, polycarbonate, fiberglass and metals.  Slick Shine renews, protects and shines faded, cracked or aged surfaces.  Slick Shine easily repels dirt and oil, leaving a long lasting, high gloss protective finish.

Why Should we use it?
Slick Shine is ultimate finish spray for almost any job. Not only will you gain a showroom shine, but Slick Shine has a high gloss coating that is water resistant and will help prevent corrosion.  Using Slick Shine prior to exposure to the element can also help prevent dirt, mud and grime from sticking to surfaces. Make your stuff shine and your next clean-up easier.

• Renews faded surfaces
• Protects against cracking or aging
• Helps prevent corrosion
• Leaves a long lasting high gloss shine

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