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Slick Suds

Slick Suds

What is Slick Suds?

Slick Suds is a specially formulated biodegradable wash and wax designed with the highest quality ingredients to clean and remove road dirt, bugs and grime without harming your waxed or gelcoat finish. Slick Suds can be used as a traditional wash or waterless application to safely clean and polish painted surfaces, windows, chrome and other areas of your vehicle while leaving a protective wax coating.

Why Should we use it?
Vehicles with gelcoat or waxed surfaces should not be exposed to low quality shampoos that can strip and dull the finish.  Slick Suds is a gentle wash and wax formula that does exactly the opposite leaving a protective wax finsih with a high gloss shine. Features:
• Biodegradable solution
• Removes salt, dirt, bugs and grime
• Safe on high gloss and gelcoat finishes
• Leaves a protective wax finish

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