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Slick Wash

Slick Wash

What is Slick Wash?
Slick Wash is a specially formulated solution designed to remove dust, dirt, mud and salt. This biodegradable wash can be applied directly to a variety of surfaces without damaging paint, plastic, metal surfaces, or bearings.  This safe yet very effective wash formula is not a degreaser and designed for every day maintenance cleaning for almost any job you encounter.

Why Should we use it?
Slick Wash is the first line of defense to attack any dirty job.  The super concentrate liquid quickly mixes with water and goes the distance at a 1:16 ratio. It is very important to wash vehicles and equipment with a safe and effective product that will not damage any vital parts and Slick Wash is the answer.  From dirty bikes and trucks, to floors and air conditioning units, using Slick Wash can prolong the life and value of your vehicle and machine. 

• Biodegradable solution
• Removes dust, dirt, mud and salt
• Safe on paint, plastic or metal surfaces
• Rinses away without leaving a sticky residue

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