Minnesota DOT Style ATV/UTV License Plate

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8" x 5"
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Minnesota DOT Style ATV/UTV Custom License Plate

The 8 inch x 5 inch aluminum composite base plate is 3mm thick. Registration numbers are 1½ inches tall with a 3/16" inch stroke width. This is not a kit that you have to assemble yourself, it is complete and ready for you to install.

Printed vinyl provides a smooth surface giving you less chances to catch an edge when washing.

Registration numbers printed on white reflective vinyl already applied to plate

Minnesota DOT Style ATV/UTV license plates have registration numbers placed lower to allow room for the Minnesota sticker on the top.


Minnesota ATV / UTV License Plate Requirements

ATVs registered for public or dual use must display the current public use registration number and decals(s) on a plate at least 4 inches high and 7½ inches long. The ATV / UTV plate must be clearly visible on the back of the vehicle and at least 12 inches from the ground. The ATV / UTV plate and decal must be maintained in a clear and legible condition. 

Registration numbers must be:

  • at least 1½ inches high with a 3⁄16-inch stroke
  • in English and placed from left to right
  • in a color that contrasts with the background of the plate.


DISCLAIMER:  It is up to you to verify the license plate requirements of your state.